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Shelljyoti syrup

It keeps your bones strong and helps to prevent osteoporosis. Calcium is necessary for the formation and maintenance of healthy bones. Calcium can be obtained from one of two sources: food/diet or bones. When food isn't enough to meet your body's calcium needs, it takes calcium from your bones. If this continues for a long time, bone loss will occur.

It's high in calcium and Vitamin D3. Calcium is also necessary for heart, muscle, and nerve function, as well as blood clotting. This mineral also aids in the treatment and management of osteoporosis, as well as the prevention of calcium deficiency in women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Vitamin D3's primary function in the body is to keep bones healthy and strong. It does so by ensuring calcium absorption in the gut and maintaining adequate levels of calcium and phosphorus, two minerals essential for bone health.

Key ingredients:

Calcium phosphate: It is used to treat calcium deficiencies caused by low blood calcium levels, a parathyroid disorder, osteoporosis, and other bone conditions.

Zinc: It helps to build a strong immune system which provides more protection against diseases

Vitamin D3: It helps to prevent depression, inflammatory disease, and heart disorders

Magnesium: It makes the bones strong and helps to keep the blood pressure normal

Boron: It is used to build strong bones and relieves pain in the bones


How to take it?

15 ml for adults twice a day or as directed by the physician

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