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It is a immunity booster syrup which can be taken by the entire family. It is completely safe for children and adults. It improves the immunity and keeps you healthy.

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Immunozil syrup

Ayurveda, a 4000-year-old system of medicine, provides excellent solutions for strengthening the immune system. Immunozil syrup is an incredible and traditional ayurvedic creation made by Zane Pharmaceuticals using various immunity booster herbs. To treat people suffering from bacterial and viral infections or for people looking for a blood platelets enhancer, this ayurvedic medicine is the best product available in the market. It also helps in improving the functions of the liver.

The medicine is enriched with amla, a rich source of Vitamin C, and helps protect the body against fever. One of the primary ingredients of this medicine is Tulsi, which helps cure fever and cure skin problems and insect bites. Other ingredients include Aswagandha, Shatavari, Giloy, Haldi, and many more that act as a supplement of immunity booster and helps in supporting the overall health of an individual.


Other benefits of Immunozil syrup

1.Beneficial for rheumatoid patients

Immunozil is an ideal ayurvedic creation for patients suffering from rheumatoid and benefits that individual if taken daily. It helps restore the body’s defense mechanism and doesn’t increase the sugar levels in the body.


2.Goodness of natural ingredients

Created with rejuvenating and potent herbs, Immunozil is a perfect formulation that includes essential nutrients and vitamins. The formulation is enriched with many crucial herbs like carrot root extract, beetroot extract, honey, lemon extract, anardana, nettle leaf extract, grape seed extract, ginger root extract, yasad bhasam, minerals, and excipients. All these herbs have anti-bacterial properties.


3.Improves resistance power

Besides improving the body’s power for fighting against diseases and infections, Immunozil syrup improves the well being of an individual and helps in building strong resistance power. It makes your body fit. It helps to fight against bacterial and viral infections, fever, indigestion, and constipation.


4.Efficacy of product

Ayurvedic formulations are exceptional and boost the immunity of an individual at a very high rate. The color of ayurvedic formulations can change, but efficacy can’t be altered. Ayurvedic creations are the most efficacious medicine as it contains various immunity booster supplements.


5.Improvement in liver functions

Is your liver functioning poorly? Then Immunozil syrup is the best option for improving it. Natural products and ingredients can heal the organ without harming it. It makes the body’s functions proper, and the mechanism of your body will become smooth.


To experience full health benefits, take the dose of the medicine as suggested by the physician.

Dosage: 15 ml twice a day for adults, 10 ml for children

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